The Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct houses both the Administrative Board and the Honor Council and is responsible for dealing with concerns pertaining to undergraduates at the College.

 The Administrative Board of Harvard College has the responsibility for reviewing all unsatisfactory undergraduate records and disciplinary cases involving social misconduct for possible action. The Board also votes on all student petitions for makeup examinations as well as exceptions to the academic rules described in the Harvard College Handbook for Students. The Board is composed of the Dean of Harvard College, the Resident Deans of Freshmen and Allston Burr Assistant Deans for the thirteen upperclass Houses (see below), and several administrative and teaching members of the Faculty. For additional information, see both the Handbook for Students and the Administrative Board website.

 The Honor Council handles matters dealing with academic integrity and violations of the College’s Honor Code. The Council is composed of faculty, students, and staff and chaired by the Dean of Harvard College. For additional information, see both the Handbook for Students and the Honor Council website